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Web Tools APIs


USPS Web Tools® are ecommerce application program interfaces (APIs) that can be used for online stores or customer service centers—free of charge.

Get access to USPS Web Tools through our simple registration process.


Merchants. Learn how easy integrating USPS Web Tools into your site or app can be. Go. Image of keyboard button with shipping cart on it.
List of APIs. Browse a full list of Web Tools APIs. Go. Image of gears.
Developers. Selling products online? Learn how to make ecommerce shipping easier. Go. Image of man with an electronic notepad.
Technical Documents. View a complete list of technical documents with step-by-step instructions for integration. Go. Image of a stack of binders.

Click-N-Ship for Business®. Use our free software to print labels and manage your business shipments. Go. Image of a shipping label and box with USPS® logo on the side.