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When will my mail begin to be forwarded after I submit a Change of Address (COA)?


Forwarding will begin 7 to 10 Postal business days from the effective date on the COA card to receive forwarded mail at the new address. It is recommended that a COA be filled out 2 weeks before moving but may not be completed more than 3 months prior to moving.

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Can I schedule a Free Package Pickup?


You can request a Free Package Pickup during regular mail delivery, if you have created your postage label on Click-N-Ship® or with a PC Postage® provider, and are shipping using one of the following services: Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express™, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Merchandise Return Services.

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Where can I purchase stamps after business hours?


The Postal Service® offers multiple options to conveniently purchase stamps. You can order stamps on® any time of the day by selecting on "Buy Stamps" or "Shop." You can also visit one of our many Approved Postal Providers®, including grocery and convenience stores, or a Self Service Kiosk (Automated Postal Centers®) in your local Post Office™ lobby. Go to Quick Tools on under "Find USPS Locations" for hours and directions. You can also ship packages from many of these convenient locations.

What if my USPS® mail/package has not been delivered?


To find out if your mail or package has not met the delivery standards, please check the chart below.

First-Class Mail® 2 - 3 days (not guaranteed) 5 or more Days from the date of mailing
Priority Mail® 1, 2, or 3 days (not guaranteed) 5 or more Days from the date of mailing
Priority Mail Express™ 1 - 2 days (guaranteed) Guaranteed Delivery Date/Time Missed
Standard Post™ 2 - 8 days (not guaranteed) 14 or more Days from the date of mailing

If your mail or package has not arrived within the time noted above, please complete a delayed mail report. Please have your mail or package information available when completing the form, particularly your tracking number if applicable.

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How do I file a complaint?


You may file a complaint by email, or by phone at (1-800-275-8777).

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