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Political Mail

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Political mail is expected to be heavy this election season from campaigns, interest groups, and political action committees. Direct Mail is a proven, cost effective, and extremely powerful political campaign tool that can help candidates, campaign committees, and political parties get their messages to voters.

That's why at USPS®, we're committed to providing you with the training and tools necessary to implement successful and cost-effective mail strategies for any political mailing.

Political Mail vs. Election Mail

Political Mail is material promoting political candidates, referenda, or campaigns mailed First-Class Mail® or Standard Mail® from a registered…

  • Political Candidate
  • Federal, state or local campaign committee
  • Committee of a political party – for example, the Democratic National Committee or Republican Congressional Campaign Committee

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By definition, Election Mail is any item mailed to or from authorized elections officials that enables citizens to vote, including…

  • Mail-in ballots
  • Ballot materials
  • Voter registration cards
  • Absentee applications
  • Polling place notifications

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Find everything you need to know to plan for and prepare political mailings using Direct Mail.
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Learn more about planning, addressing, and designing political mail.

  • Step 1. Planning Political Mail: Determine which mail service to use and the best way to get return mail.
  • Step 2. Addressing Political Mail: Ensure political mail is addressed properly and your lists are up-to-date.
  • Step 3. Designing Political Mail: Design your mailpiece and business reply return envelopes to USPS® standards

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