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Shipping with USPS® means you get access to the country's largest delivery network. With a range of business shipping services available, you can choose the one that's right for your business. Plus, we bring you free Saturday delivery1, and no residential surcharges. Get industry tips and insights from mailing and shipping experts. And when you request more information, we'll send you a free shipping kit.

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Save Time & Money

  1. Calculate postage correctly.

    Make sure you're not underpaying or overpaying on postage. When a package is sent with incorrect postage, it may delay its delivery and the recipient can be charged for postage due.

    • Round up on weights. USPS® rounds up to either the next pound (lb) or ounce (oz). For example, if your package weighs 3 lbs 5 oz, it would be charged at the 4 lb-rate. If you have a First-Class Package Service-Retail™ that weighs 7.3 oz, it must be charged at the 8 oz-rate. This applies to all mail classes—domestic and international.
    • Verify the mail class. For example, First-Class Package Service-Commercial™ can only be used for packages under 15.999 oz when creating a label through a PC Postage vendor, anything over the weight limit must be shipped with Priority Mail® service. And Regional Rate Boxes A and B have 15 and 20 lbs limits respectively.
    • Check the dimensions. Dimensional weight may apply to your packaging. This may apply for Priority Mail packages with volumes over a cubic foot and traveling 5 zones or more. Enter your package’s dimensions to ensure you are accurately charged for Dim Weight. Learn About Dimensional Weight.
    • Match the label to the packaging. USPS® provides a wide range of shipping options to help you meet your mailing needs. Make sure that the label you are using matches the packaging. For example, if you are using a Flat Rate box, you should also use a Flat Rate label. Or anything shipped in Priority Mail® packaging requires a Priority Mail label.
    • Place the label on the long side of the box. Labels should not wrap over the ends or edges and all barcodes should face up in the same direction.
    • Double check the zone. If you are using PC Postage software, verify that the origin address is up to date before printing the label. Please note USPS charges for zones not ZIP Codes™, to get a zone chart for your ZIP Code use the Postal Calculator.
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  2. Get free services included.

    At USPS, we offer…

    • Free USPS Tracking®*
    • Free shipping supplies delivered to your address**
    • Free Package Pickup***
    • Free regular Saturday delivery****
    • No surcharges for residential delivery
  3. Receive volume discounts.

    Several factors affect the postage price of your shipment, but many services come with volume incentives. All commercial postage categories have minimum quantities.

    • Presorted and automation First-Class Mail®: 500 pieces
    • USPS Marketing Mail™: 200 pieces or 50 lbs
    • Destination entry Parcel Select Ground: 50-piece minimum per mailing
    • Presorted and carrier route sorted Bound Printed Matter: 300 pieces
    • Commercial Library Mail: 300 pieces
    • Commercial Media Mail®: 300 pieces

    Many shipping consolidators exist to help you with things like pickup, sorting, and transportation. You may also be able to use a consolidator to get shipping discounts.

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  4. Save on lightweight shipments.

    Parcel Select Lightweight® is a presorted parcel product designed for large and medium-sized shippers looking for an affordable service for shipping parcels that weigh less than 1 lb. It features…

    • 2-9 business day delivery
    • Free USPS Tracking®*
    • Three entry points: Destination Delivery Unit (DDU), Sectional Center Facility (SCF), Network Distribution Center (NDC)
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  5. Avoid dimensional weight costs.

    Domestic Dimensional Weight

    Dimensional (DIM) weight pricing calculates shipping costs based on the space a package takes up as well as its weight. Compare the calculated DIM weight and the actual package weight. Your shipping postage is charged at the higher weight.

    • USPS® only applies domestic DIM weight pricing to domestic Priority Mail® packages larger than a cubic foot that are shipped to zones 5–9.
    • The USPS domestic DIM weight formula is:
             Length x Width x Height ÷ 194
    Domestic Zone Chart

Compare Shipping Services

At USPS, we have a variety of convenient and cost-effective shipping services available for businesses.
You always have a choice.

Compare Domestic Services

Compare Shipping Tools

Whether you use our shipping tools or those of an approved licensed vendor, there are several options available to you for printing labels and paying for postage.

  1. USPS Tools Shipping/Click-N-Ship®

    Whether you ship 1 or 50 packages per month, you can easily pay for postage and print shipping labels online. All you'll need is a free® account.

    • Pay with a credit card or via PayPal
    • Ship domestically or internationally
    • Create batch shipments of up to 20 identical packages
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    Click-N-Ship® Business Pro™

    For shipments of at least 50 pieces or a combined weight of 50 lbs. or more, Click-N-Ship Business Pro is downloadable desktop software to help you get the job done.

    • Pay postage via electronic manifest files
    • Ship domestically or internationally
    • Manage your shipping with integration and reporting features
    Learn More and Register

    Web Tools®

    Developers and technicians can easily integrate a variety of USPS Web Tools into their website, shipping operation, or customer service center, free of charge. Our APIs provide USPS prices, shipping labels, tracking, and more.

    • Get address and delivery information
    • Calculate domestic and international prices
    • Print domestic and international shipping labels
    • Schedule a free Package Pickup2
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  2. Third-Party Tools

    Pitney Bowes™

    Print USPS® postage and shipping labels with pbSmartPostage™ - the simple, web-based postage solution that requires no ongoing software downloads for postage updates! Print Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail® postage with your existing printer and get discounted shipping rates off retail. Start your 60-day free trial today and enjoy the customer experience only Pitney Bowes can deliver.

    Visit Pitney Bowes


    Print complete, postage-paid USPS shipping labels and Pay-on-Use return labels with Endicia's feature-rich electronic postage technologies and services. With several service plans, APIs and integration into more than 200 ecommerce partner applications, we scale with you as your business grows. And with direct integration into eBay and Amazon you can import orders, print shipping labels and automatically post-back tracking information to your store.

    Visit Endicia® is a fast, easy, and convenient way to manage all your postage needs. You can save compared to leasing a postage meter. You can also receive additional discounts. Plus, you can import orders from eBay® and®.



    EasyPost offers a modern way to print postage with our easy-to-use API. Verify addresses, print USPS® postage and shipping labels, track packages, and automate your entire delivery process. You’ll get the benefits of easy integration with our RESTful API and access to discounted rates with USPS Commercial Pricing.