Shipping Consolidators

If you're a small to medium business shipper, you need solutions that save time and money. Use an approved shipping consolidator to get discounts, help with package sorting and pickup, plus other extra services.

Get Volume Discounts

Small- to medium-level shippers can use consolidated shipping1 to get shipping discounts that they wouldn’t otherwise qualify for.

Save Time

Shipping consolidators offer sorting, pickup, and manifesting—an efficient way to calculate, document, and pay for postage.

Add Extra Services

Shipping consolidators can automatically add insurance2 and USPS Tracking® service to shipments.

1. USPS® assumes no liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of information or for the results of any contact with any company listed here. The decision to use or not to use any of these products and services will not result in any preferential treatment from USPS for the customer or developer. Back
2. Available only for certain products and to certain destinations. Not available for Priority Mail International® (PMI) Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Boxes. Back