Ship Again


How to Ship Again

If you send recurring shipments with the same weight, service, and delivery address, there's a faster, simpler way to get it done... right from your Shipping History.

Now, you can take the same label information and ship again in a few clicks. Just pick a label from your Shipping History, and we'll create one with the same address and package information that's ready for checkout with your new shipping date. It's that easy.

Ship Again with Click-N-Ship

How It Works

Step 1
Sign in to your account, and open
your Shipping History in Click-N-Ship.
Screenshot of the Print Shipping Labels web page, with the Manage My Shipping feature highlighted in red.
Sign in drop-down form requires username and password.
Step 2
Find the label you want to re-create, and select
Ship Again from the Actions pull-down menu.
Screenshot of the Shipping History web page.
Actions drop-down menu with Ship Again option highlighted.
Step 3
Your new label will be added to your
cart, ready to pay and print.
Screenshot of Print Shipping Labels web page.
Click the button that says Next: Billing Information.

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