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Click-N-Ship®, the USPS® online shipping tool, is packed with tips and FAQs to help you through every step of international shipping.

Global Shipping Services: From Your Desktop to the World

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Global Express Guaranteed® ›

Date-Certain Delivery with a Money-Back Guarantee1

Our Fastest2 International Service with international transportation and delivery by FedEx Express®.

1-3 business days3

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Priority Mail Express International™ ›

Date-Certain Delivery to Select Destinations5

Speed + Value

3-5 business days3
Date-certain delivery to select destinations4

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Priority Mail International® ›

Best Value

6-10 expected business days3

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First-Class Package International Service® ›

Affordable Shipping

Delivery times depend on destination

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First-Class Mail International® ›

Send a message around the world.
Buy Global Forever® Stamps ›

For Letters, Cards, & Flats

Delivery times depend on destination

See Notice 123 for pricing information.

1. Some restrictions apply. See Publication 141: Global Express Guaranteed Services Guide for additional information.
2. Limited exceptions apply. FedEx and the FedEx Express Logo are registered trademarks of Federal Express Corporation and are used by permission.
3. For many major markets. Average number of days may vary.
4. Date-certain service to: Australia, China, France (does not include Corsica and Monaco), Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Japan, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Singapore, Spain (does not include Canary Islands).