International Merchandise Return Service


Returns are an inevitable part of eCommerce.

Now U.S. retailers can offer customers in Canada and Australia easy returns with International Merchandise Return Service.

How it works…

  • Take advantage of this new service by completing a Customized Mail Agreement.
  • Create return labels online or through our Web Tools API.
  • Customs forms print with the label identifying the package as a return.
  • Your overseas customers don’t have to hassle with postage.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Currently in a 2-year market test, this service is only available to Canada and Australia.
  • Weight limit is 66 lbs.
  • A Merchandise Return Service (MRS) or Qualified Business Reply Mail™ (QBRM™) permit is required.
  • Postage is charged via your Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) account.
  • A Customized Mail Agreement is required to use this service, otherwise there is no minimum volume.

No Need to Bring Returns to the Post Office™. Schedule a pickup now. Image of 3 packages on a doormat.