Postal Qualified Wholesalers


Postal Qualified Wholesalers work closely with the United States Postal Service® to help businesses with global shipping and mailing. They’re experts in virtually every phase of global business shipping from preparation, to transportation, to printing.

Postal Qualified Wholesalers must pass a screening process, meet certain volume requirements, and demonstrate specific capabilities, including the ability to transfer package information and prepare manifests. The following is the list of approved Postal Qualified Wholesalers who send mail and packages outside the Untied States.

Postal Qualified Wholesalers
Access Worldwide
APC Postal Logistics
Asendia USA (Formerly Brokers Worldwide)
Asendia USA Wholesale (Formerly Priority Post) 
CMS, Complete Management Services, Inc.
Dahlgren’s Mailing Service, Inc. 
Global Postal Solutions, Inc.
Globegistics, Inc.
IBC, Inc.
IMEX Global Solutions
International Delivery Solutions (IDS)
International Mail Service, Inc. (IMS)
Mail on the Move LLC
MSI Worldwide Mail
Nippon Express USA, Inc.
OnTrac International (Formerly EMI - Express Messenger International) 
Post-Edge International, Inc. (PEI)
RR Donnelley International Services
Zip Mail Services, Inc.

Global Direct Entry® (GDE) Wholesaler Program

Approved Global Direct Entry Wholesalers facilitate the movement of items into the United States and their entry into the United States Postal Service domestic network.  Approved Global Direct Entry wholesalers work closely with customers to get shipments from overseas locations, have them cleared by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and entered into the United States Postal Service domestic network for delivery to a retailer and/or end consumer.

An approved Global Direct Entry wholesaler must ensure that all packages delivered to the United States Postal Service are prepared in accordance with all applicable requirements and are manifested and labeled in accordance with the service type being used.

Prospective GDE wholesalers must meet certain criteria and must receive approval from the United States Postal Service before participating in the program.

Browse the IMM® – Special Programs for additional information on requirements ›

Global Direct Entry® (GDE) Wholesalers

DHL Global Mail
Freipost Global
Frontier Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
Shoppr Direct

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