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When you’re on the move, the U.S. Postal Service® offers a range of delivery services designed to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Learn more about our different options...

  • Premium Forwarding Service Residential™ (PFS-Residential™)
  • Change of Address
  • General Delivery

We'll keep you connected no matter where you roam.

Premium Forwarding Service Residential

Taking a long vacation? Or an out-of-town assignment? Make sure you don’t miss any bills or other important mail. For a weekly fee, we’ll hold your mail, package it up, and ship it to you each week by Priority Mail®.

Here's how Premium Forwarding Service Residential (PFS-Residential™) works...

  • Pay $17.00 at Retail or $16.00 Online to enroll in the service and $17.00 for each week you have your mail shipped.
  • Most mail is bundled and sent to you every Wednesday via Priority Mail, our 1, 2, or 3-day service, which is based on where it started and where it's being sent. Any Priority Mail Express™ item is automatically rerouted directly to you.
  • Priority Mail items are shipped right away or included in your weekly shipment as long as their delivery wouldn't be delayed.
  • First-Class Mail® mailpieces that don't fit in the weekly shipment are rerouted separately at no extra cost.
  • PFS-Residential is a temporary service that can be used from 2 weeks up to 1 year. 

Are you a business that receives mail at multiple locations?
Learn about Premium Forwarding Service Commercial™ ›

Some packages will arrive at the temporary address with postage due...

  • Standard Mail® pieces are included in a weekly shipment if they fit. Otherwise, they’re shipped postage due at the 1 lb Parcel Select Nonpresort price.
  • Standard Post™, Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail®, and Library Mail pieces aren’t included in Premium Forwarding Service Residential shipments. They are shipped postage due with the service originally used to send them.

To sign up online, select the Sign up Now button. Or sign up in person at your local Post Office™ with 2 forms of ID and evidence of residence at the primary address.

If you sign up online, you pay for the service with a credit card. The $16.00 enrollment fee must be paid when you sign up, but weekly installment fees of $17.00 are processed as recurring payments. Your first recurring payment is processed on the start date and, thereafter, recurring payments are processed each Wednesday until your requested end date. The PFS®-Residential Online option is not currently available for PO Box™ addresses. Please note that you may only make changes to a PFS-Residential Online order if your initial request was submitted online.

Making Changes to Your PFS-Residential Online Service

PFS-Residential orders ship weekly on Wednesdays. If you need to change your PFS-Residential Online order, please note these important deadlines…

  • Cancel or change the start date no later than 11:59 pm (CST) on the day before the start date.
  • Change the option for either Individual or Household forwarding by 11:59 pm (CST) on the day before the start date.
  • Extend or stop PFS-Residential by 11:59 pm (CST) on the Monday before the last Wednesday ship date you are requesting.
  • Shorten PFS-Residential by 11:59 pm (CST) on the Monday of the week prior to the last Wednesday ship date you are requesting.

View the PFS-Residential Online Terms & Conditions