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Shipping Systems Providers


Find shipping system software and hardware.

The Postal Service™ certifies qualified shipping system providers to ensure the quality of available shipping systems.

MAC Gold™ Certified Providers
The shipping systems from these qualified providers have earned Manifest Analysis and Certification (MAC) at the gold level. Manifesting is an efficient way to calculate, document, and pay for postage using a permit imprint instead of using meter postage or stamps. MAC Gold providers offer qualified full-service manifesting solutions from software to hardware.
MAC Gold Manifest Certified Software & Hardware Products List PDF

MAC Certified Providers
The software from these qualified providers has earned Manifest Analysis and Certification (MAC). MAC certified providers offer quality manifesting software services.
MAC Manifest Certified Software Products List PDF

Confirmation Services Software Providers
These qualified software providers have programs that add USPS Tracking™ and Signature Confirmation™ services to electronic file and barcode formats.
Qualified Confirmation Service Providers PDF | RTF

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