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Ship Orders*


Fulfill orders and complete transactions with our shipping services. Use a shipping consolidator to fulfill orders or use our digital tools and equipment to do it internally.

*Private vendors may apply non-USPS® charges.

Get Help with Business Shipping
Shipping consolidators can take care of business shipping needs from pickup and sorting to transporting shipments.

  • Take advantage of volume discounts.
  • Save time with convenient services like sorting and pickup.
  • Have consolidators automatically add insurance and USPS Tracking™ service*.

Learn more about shipping consolidators ›

*Certain limitations on content and deliverability may apply.

Click-N-Ship for Business®. Use our free software to print labels and manage your business shipments. Go. Image of shipping box and printed label.

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Shipping System Providers. Use our list of qualified shipping system providers to find the right fit. Go. Image of a checklist with "Excellent" checked

We’ve Got it Covered. Find the right business service. Image of Priority Mail® shipping supplies.

Budget for Your Shipping Needs. Calculate business prices. Image of checkbook and pen

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