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Select a Mail Class


Does your mailing qualify for commercial pricing?

How many pieces do you send at a time? For instance, you’ll qualify for commercial prices with 500 pieces of First-Class Mail®, 200 pieces of Standard Mail®, or 50 lbs of Standard Mail.

Also, consider the timing of your mailing. If you’re sending an offer that expires, opting for faster First-Class Mail will give customers more time to respond.

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Class of MailRequirementsDelivery TimeEligible Contents
First-Class Mail®
Commercial Pricing Qualifiers
  • 13 oz or less
  • 500+ pieces per mailing
1 - 3 Days
The following must be sent via First-Class Mail:
  • Bills and checks
  • Account statements
  • Handwritten materials
  • Typed materials
  • Personal correspondence

Standard Mail®
Enhanced Carrier Route Standard Mail
Nonprofit Standard Mail
Commercial Pricing Qualifiers
  • Less than 16 oz
  • 200+ pieces or 50 lbs per mailing
2-9 days
Printed material not requiring First-Class Mail or Periodical service:
  • Circulars
  • Advertisements
  • Donation solicitations
  • Newsletters
  • Merchandise

Bound Printed Matter ›
Commercial Pricing Qualifiers
  • 15 lbs or less
  • 300+ pieces per mailing
  • Payment by permit imprint
2-9 days
Permanently bound printed materials:
  • Advertising
  • Directories
  • Catalogs
  • Phonebooks
  • Editorial material