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Priority Mail Open & Distribute


For your business

Our Priority Mail Open and Distribute® service expedites the transportation of bulk mailings by using Priority Mail® to quickly send the mailings to a Destination Delivery Unit for processing. Because it has a special barcoded label, you can use to track the shipment.

Just prepare your mailing according to the standards for the enclosed class of mail, put it into a USPS®-approved container, include the appropriate tag or label, and bring it to a USPS Network Distribution Center (NDC), Sectional Center Facility, or Destination Delivery Unit (DDU).

Then, we base the postage price on regular Priority Mail® distance-based prices for the weight of its contents (excluding the tare weight of the external container), so you can move your mailings faster at a reasonable cost.

Create a Priority Mail Open and Distribute® service address label in any of the following ways:

Send Product Samples.  Get your product to the right audience and enhance your brand's direct mail strategy.  Learn about the Sample Showcase™ Box. Image of the words sample showcase with each letter. Budget for your shipping needs. Calculate business prices. image of checkbook and pen. Ship Online. Print a label with postage. Image of a printer with shipping label and box.