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How Direct Mail Can Help


Let the Postal Service™ help stretch your campaign dollars to Election Day.

Image of button with words Get in the race!With Every Door Direct Mail® you can reach the customers who matter most.

  • You pick the neighborhoods; we deliver your mailing to every home – With Every Door Direct Mail, you can be sure you’ll reach the voters who support you or your cause.
  • Canvass neighborhoods with your message – It’s like going door-to-door via the Post Office™.
  • No need for names or addresses – Save on printing names and addresses with simplified addressing courtesy of the Postal Service.
  • Low per-piece postage cost – A cost-effective way to send Standard Mail® flats so you’ll have plenty of space to tell your story.
  • Ideal for local elections and candidates – You can easily target voters in your area.

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First-Class Mail® is perfect for…

  • Personalized letters or fundraising invitations.
  • Giving your communications a special or personal touch.
  • Getting more with 2nd Ounce Free: When you pay for 1 oz, you get the second ounce free on automated or presort First-Class Mail, allowing you to add more content or messages.
    Learn more about 2nd Ounce Free ›

Postcards are a smart, effective format.

  • Postcards are the simplest, most cost-effective format.
  • They come in various sizes to break through the clutter.
  • Your message is not hidden inside an envelope.
  • Perfect for building awareness and name recognition.
  • Or a quick way to remind voters about Election Day.

Direct Mail can make a significant difference in the success of integrated political campaigns. 

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Reach Every Address Every Time

Election Mail. Your mailbox can be a ballot box. Image of a locked ballot box.