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Direct Mail Supports Other Media


Image of button with words Mail Power Is Your Power.Direct Mail fills gaps left by other media.

  • 52 percent of Americans own DVRs and use them to skip commercials* – TV advertising is further weakened by the use of DVRs and fast forwarding. And cable service has made it harder to target voters.
  • TV media becomes more expensive and harder to obtain closer to Election Day – There’s always room in the mailbox for your campaign message.
  • 35.8 percent of Americans no longer own landlines** –Fewer landlines, caller ID, and voice mail have affected the cost and results of telemarketing.
  • Often emails don’t reach the inbox or get opened – What spam filters don’t keep out of the inbox, people often delete without ever seeing the message inside.
  • Less than 1 percent of fans of the 200 biggest brands on Facebook® are actually engaged*** – Social media only works if your voters are truly engaged.
  • Newspaper subscriptions continue to decline – It’s more difficult to reach households via print advertising. Mail continues to reach every home 6 days a week – getting your message right into the hands of voters.

7 Rules of Successful Direct Mail

  1. Let your visuals do most of the talking – The visual element engages people and gets their attention.
  2. Create a “scannable” mailpiece – Voters should be able to scan the mailpiece and understand the message. Use plenty of white space, visuals, and bulleted copy.
  3. Keep it simple – 2 or 3 major points are more likely to be remembered than a half-dozen.
  4. Make sure the layout flows – People generally look at a page from left to right, top to bottom. Your layout should follow the same flow.
  5. Ensure it is relevant – When the message is relevant, it’s automatically engaging. Craft the message so it addresses the specific concerns of the target.
  6. Add footnotes for credibility – Quotes or statistics add power to a political mailpiece. Be sure to include footnotes to give these statements credibility.
  7. Time the mailing for the best response – Time mailings to coincide with a candidate's speaking engagement, a TV campaign, or right before the election for greatest success.

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* Rock the Vote.
** Wireless Substitution: Early Release of Estimates from the National Health Interview, July-December 2012, National Center for Health Statistics
*** Ehrenberg—Bass Institute, 2012

Every Door Direct Mail Image

Election Mail. Your mailbox can be a ballot box. Image of a locked ballot box.