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Direct Mail & Technology


When Direct Mail and technology work together, they both work harder to connect you to digitally savvy voters.

Image of button with words Mail Click with Voters.Connect with personalized URLs.

  • A URL that is personalized for each user of a website – For example, drives “Joe Smith” to his own personalized web page.
  • Personalized URLs work for voters with or without smartphones – Connect with the 44 percent of Americans who don’t own smartphones.
  • Use Personalized URLs to track and gather data – Prepopulate an online form with the voter’s name and address, and provide a free gift, such as a bumper sticker or a coffee mug, to encourage them to provide data.

Turn interest into action with mobile barcodes.

  • A 2-D barcode can be scanned with a smartphone.
  • Provides quick access to websites and online media (e.g., a candidate video).
  • Much less expensive than broadcast media.
  • 27 percent of American adults used their cell phones to learn about or participate in the 2012 election.*

Get creative with mobile barcodes.

  • Options to custom-design your mobie barcode.
  • They can feature a logo or an image.

Emerging technologies can help you create more dynamic and effective Direct Mail.

Augmented Reality turns information into a virtual experience.

  • Lets a consumer interact with information in the surrounding real world.
  • For example, your mailpiece can be held up to the recipient’s computer camera to reveal your vision of the future on the screen.
  • Extends the use and impact of your mailpiece.

Self-recordable mailpieces turn into a soundbite.

  • Produce Direct Mail with a voice chip.
  • Communicate your message in your candidate’s own voice – or create an emotionally stirring message (e.g., child’s voice for a school millage).

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* PEW Internet & American Life Project,The State of the 2012 Election – Mobile Politics, 2012

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Election Mail. Your mailbox can be a ballot box. Image of a locked ballot box.