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Creating Political Mail


Learn how to prepare and create a political message mailpiece step-by-step. You'll also find information on...

  • Getting Postage Discounts
  • Contacting a local USPS® political mail expert
  • Ensuring mailpiece quality

Some advance planning is necessary for your political mailing to arrive on time.

First, determine which mail service to use. The best choice depends on what you’re sending, how much, and how soon it needs to arrive.

Our simple decision tree shows a 5-step process for determining how to mail political material. It’ll point you toward the right service.

Decision tree

  1. Personal information may qualify for Standard Mail® rates under DMM® 243.2.2
  2. Except for minimum piece volume, the standards are identical to First-Class Mail®.
  3. Standard Mail matter may be eligible for Nonprofit rates (DMM 703)

Process for Determining Standard Mail Eligibility

The following 5-step process is a guide to help you determine how to mail your political material. If the requirements are not met, the piece may be entered at the single-piece First-Class Mail, Priority Mail®, or Package Services rates of postage subject to eligibility.

  1. What are you mailing?
  2. Does the mailpiece contain material requiring it to be mailed as First-Class™ matter (233.2)? If yes, and it does not meet the requirements in 243.2.2 for mailpieces containing "personal information", it's on the Discounted First-Class Mail track. If no, proceed to the Discounted Standard Mail track.
  3. Does the mailpiece meet the weight requirements for the respective track? If yes, proceed to the next step. If no, pending eligibility the mailpiece may be mailed as either Priority Mail or Package Services.
  4. Does the mailpiece meet the minimum volume requirements for the respective track? If yes, the mailpiece may be eligible for the respective class of mail (i.e., Discounted Standard Mail or Discounted First-Class Mail). If no, the mailpiece may be subjected to the single-piece First-Class Mail rates of postage.
  5. This step is a comparison of service standards, ancillary services, extra services, and availability of destination entry discounts.

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Next, meet with a Postal Service™ Political Mail Coordinator to discuss the logistics, including the date your mailing needs to be delivered, as well as when and where it should be mailed.
Find 2012 USPS Election and Political Mail Coordinators PDF | XLS | CSV

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