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Mail Design Professional
Program Curriculum


The National Center for Employee Development (NCED) for the U.S. Postal Service® developed a Mail Design Professional (MDP) curriculum that provides industry workers with tools and information needed to design automation-compatible mail that receives lower postage rates.

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The following subject areas are offered in the MDP program curriculum…

Web Site Navigation Tools

  • Navigating the web site
  • Using Postal Explorer® program
  • Useful URLs for mail design

Content & Characteristics

  • Mailability
  • Minimum and Maximum dimensions
  • Processing Categories

Machinable/Nonmachinable Criteria

  • Minimum Machinable Eligibility Requirements
  • Nonmachinable Letters and Nonletters
  • Nonmachinable Surcharge

Classes of Mail & Miscellaneous

  • Classes of Mail
  • Customized MarketMail® Service
  • Official Election Mail logos
  • Repositionable Notes
  • Imitation Stamps and Markings
  • Reusable Mailpieces

Basic Addressing

  • Standardized Addressing
  • Alternative Addressing Formats
  • Address Information Products
  • Address Update Services
  • Forwarding and Related Services

    • Ancillary Service Endorsements (ASE)
    • Move Update Methods
    • Postal Automated Redirection System (PARS)

    Barcoding Formats and Print Specifications

    • POSTNET Barcodes
    • Intelligent Mail Barcodes
    • Mailer ID
    • Elements of a Delivery Point Barcode
    • CONFIRM® Service
    • PLANET® Barcodes
    • Parcel Barcodes

    Designing Automation Mail

    • Automation Letters
    • Letter-Size Mailpiece Construction
    • Requirements for Automation Flats
    • Addressing Automation Flats
    • Polywrap

    Extra Services

    • Certification of Privately Printed Labels
    • Features of Certified Mail™ COD, Insured, Registered Mail™, Return
    • Receipt, and Return Receipt for Merchandise Mail

    Designing Reply Mail

    • Business Reply Mail® Service
    • Courtesy Reply Mail™ Service
    • Meter Reply Mail
    • Merchandise Return Service
    • PostalOne!® and Automated Business Reply Mail™ Services

    Register for the program on the Business Mail Academy web site ›

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