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Intelligent Mail


Track your mail through the U.S. Postal Service® system.

Intelligent Mail® products and services use machine-readable codes, such as barcodes, to uniquely identify mail. This enables large mailers to follow the progress of their mail through the many stages of processing all the way to delivery. This information can help businesses better manage their resources, reduce operating and marketing expenses, adapt to market conditions, increase efficiencies, and be more responsive to customers.

The Postal Service™ has a long history of leadership in innovation. Intelligent Mail products and services are using technology to give even more value to the mail as a communications vehicle.

In order to achieve its goal of end-to-end visibility, the Postal Service has incorporated 3 strategies to uniquely identify mail, develop enabling infrastructure, and enhance address quality.

Confirm® Service

Confirm Service, the Postal Services' first Intelligent Mail service, is being used today to meet the business needs of the mailing industry. Financial institutions, credit card companies, and retailers are using Confirm Service to…

  • Know when their customers receive fulfillment orders
  • Increase customer response rates
  • Know in advance who is returning payments

Learn more about Confirm Service ›

OneCode Service™

The OneCode Service is the concept of a single enhanced code combining tracking, mail sorting, address changes, and postage payment, all in one format. Barcode sorters will read the data to deliver the mailpiece and request services such as Certified Mail® Service, Registered Mail™ Service, and address correction services.

Learn more about OneCode Service ›

Address Quality

Improve the quality of your mailing lists and maximize efficient mail delivery.

Learn more about Manage Address Quality ›

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Intelligent Mail Privacy Policy

Learn how your privacy is protected when you use Intelligent Mail services.

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