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GSA Partnership & Benefits

The U.S. Postal Service® and the federal sector align in the core goals of security, sustainability, and savings. We offer the best value while helping to meet your federal mission.
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Security. USPS® products follow a federal chain of custody from the security of a mailbox receptacle to mailroom. You can trust that your sensitive or confidential mail and packages will be delivered on time and securely.

Sustainability. We take pride in address quality management and offer a variety of sustainability programs, including electronics and ink and toner cartridge recycling and returns. Our packaging is printed using bio-friendly inks and endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are helping to reduce the human impact on the environment, and so can you, by using our sustainable packaging.

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Savings. The Postal Service® provides transparent pricing and billing. You can count on disclosure of transportation costs without worrying about accessorial fees on later invoices. We don’t have surcharges on our products and services. We also offer discounts without volume commitments and GSA Schedule 48 contract pricing for government agencies.

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