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Find Payment Options


Compare Postage Options for your business.

When sending business mail, you have several choices for creating and paying for postage.

Postage Option Available Service Requirements

Online Postage with®

If you’re shipping a few packages a day, you can print postage online with our Print a Label tool.

Print a label with postage ›

Priority Mail Express™
Priority Mail®

Standard Printer

Online Postage Vendors

If you’re shipping dozens of packages a day, use one of our approved online postage vendors.

Learn more about printing online postage ›

Priority Mail Express
Priority Mail
First-Class Mail®
Media Mail®
Parcel Select® Nonpresort


Postage Meter

A postage meter prints postage directly onto your mail. Some mailers use metered postage because they believe it adds a more personal touch.

Learn more about postage meters ›

First-Class Mail
Standard Mail®
Package Services
Insurance & Extra Services

Leased postage meter from an authorized provider
Permit if you’re using the meter for bulk mailings

Mailing Permit Imprint

Permit Imprints are an easy way to pay for bulk postage. No buying postage in advance, resetting your meter, or attaching stamps.

Learn more about mailing permit imprints ›

First-Class Mail
Standard Mail
Package Services
Insurance & Extra Services

Mailing permit

Precanceled Stamp

Many first-time mailers use precanceled stamps. Also, some mailers believe envelopes with stamps get noticed and opened before other pieces of mail.

Learn more about precanceled stamps ›

Presorted First-Class Mail
Presorted Standard Mail
Nonprofit Standard Mail

Precanceled stamp permit