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Federal Wire


The payment solution when purchasing more than $25,000 in postage.

Federal Wire allows you to fund your postage or permit account.  Money is transferred from your bank account to your postage or permit account. Federal Wire transactions should be used when you are purchasing over $25,000 in postage. Call your bank and initiate a Federal Wire payment when you’re ready to fund your account.

Setting Up a Federal Wire Account
In order to use Federal Wire for Permit Imprints, you’ll need to set up a PostalOne!® Postage Payment Account with us.
Instructions for PostalOne! Postage Payment Account:
Contact your bank to initiate Federal Wire payment.
Provide the following for each wire payment:
1. PostalOne! Postage Payment Account bank routing transit number
2. PostalOne! Postage Payment Account bank account number
3. Payment amount
4. Your PostalOne! Postage Payment Account number

Using Federal Wire for Postage Meter Resetting
Instructions for meter resetting:
Call your bank and initiate Federal Wire payment. You’ll need to provide the following:
1. Bank routing transit number
2. Meter company bank account

Postage Meter Providers:
Ascom Hasler


Pitney Bowes

FP Mailing Solutions