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Executive Mail Center Manager Program Curriculum


The USPS®’ National Center for Employee Development (NCED) has partnered with mailing industry professionals to deliver this program, which includes 8 modules dealing with business mail topics. At the completion of training there will be a comprehensive exam.

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Explore the knowledge areas below to learn what topics will be covered in the program…

People Management
Topics include…

  • Managing and supervising employees
  • Handling personnel-related issues
  • Observing people and equipment
  • Assisting staff
  • Managing overtime
  • Schedule and workload issues
  • Assessing staff’s needs and capabilities
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Recruiting, selecting, and training staff

 Sales & Marketing
Topics include…

  • Creating services that people want
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Addressing customer service issues
  • Designing mailpiece
  • Managing relations with the Post Office™
  • Negotiating rates with other carriers

Managing Mail Center Operations
Topics include…

  • Establishing mail routes
  • Preparing outgoing mail
  • Sorting incoming and outgoing mail
  • Developing internal mail policies and procedures
  • Formulating disaster contingency plans
  • Tracking mail
  • Managing internal and external mailing lists
  • Analyzing mail volumes
  • The 5 classes of mail 

Managing Mail Center Finances
Topics include…

  • Preparing budgets
  • Managing finances of mail processing systems
  • Reconciling inventory
  • Managing charge-backs

Mail Center Safety & Security
Topics include…

  • Discovering and documenting safety issues
  • Maintaining safety in the workplace
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • OSHA regulations
  • How to handle an OSHA inspection
  • Detection of suspected contamination
  • Procedures for cleaning contaminated equipment

Planning & Managing Technology
Topics include…

  • Developing and using information systems
  • The POSTNET™ barcode
  • The Intelligent Mail® Barcode
  • Submitting electronic documentation for mailings
  • How mail flows through the USPS® automation system
  • Understanding over 20 types of equipment

Tools & Resources
Topics include…

  • Understanding government and postal rules and regulations
  • Tracking changes in laws, rules, and regulations
  • Online resources from
  • Navigating the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®)
  • Accessing postal publications
  • Creating a Mail Services User Guide

Basic Mail Design
Topics include…

  • Defining mailability
  • Classifying mailpieces into Processing Categories
  • Describing what mailpieces are machinable or nonmachinable
  • Discussing Addressing Standards

Register for the program at the Business Mail Academy ›

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