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Business Mail Pickup


Loads of incoming mail? Let us help.

Business Mail Pickup, also called Caller Service, is a premium service that lets businesses with high volumes of incoming mail schedule regular timeslots to pick up mail at the Post Office™.

Consider using Business Mail Pickup if…

  • you get more mail than fits in the largest PO Box™.
  • you’re waiting for a PO Box to become available.
  • picking up mail multiple times would improve business processes.
  • mail drives your business.
  • your business is growing and considering a move.

Get Started with Business Mail Pickup
It’s just three easy steps.

  1. Complete PS Form 1093C, "Application for Post Office™ Caller Service” section.
    Download PS Form 1093C ›
  2. Adobe AcrobatGet Adobe Acrobat ›

  3. Submit your form at any Post Office. It doesn’t need to be the one where you want to pick up mail.


  4. Pay for Business Mail Pickup with cash, credit or debit card, or check or money order payable to the postmaster.

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