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Airmail M-Bags


For your business

Reach new markets by sending large amounts of printed matter, anything on paper that isn’t correspondence or a bill, to a single international address. Airmail M-Bags™ can weigh up to 66 lbs, including the bag.

Image of an airmail m-bag tag

Benefits include…

  • Affordable solution for sending printed material overseas.
  • Send up to 66 lbs at a time.

Airmail M-Bags are priced by weight and destination. See Notice 123 for pricing.

Download the Pricing File ›

  • Weight limit up to 66 lbs. Some countries have lower limits.
  • Can include printed material–any type of paper that isn’t written correspondence or a bill.
  • Can also include commercial samples or informational materials related to the printed piece.
  • The contents of the M-Bag cannot be meant for resale.
  • There is no minimum weight, but any M-Bag under 11 lbs will be charged the 11-lbs rate.
  • The total weight of each print piece and related material must be 4 lbs or less.
  • Each M-Bag must bear a completed PS Form 2976 customs form.
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