Welcome to the USPS® Digital Style Guide

Our goal at is to give customers the information and tools they need to achieve their goals and have the best possible customer experience. We do that by communicating a consistent brand message across all elements of content, design, and interaction.

You, as designers and developers, can count on this style guide when applying our brand identity across It contains all the resources and assets you'll need; follow its guidance and you'll breeze through your mandatory Style Guide Compliance Reviews.

Together, we can create digital experiences that take to new heights.

How to Use

The DSG is organized to provide clear guidance on:

  • Copy, Tone, & Manner: High-level goals and style and usage
  • Design: Including branding, colors, typography, and imagery
  • Elements: Specifications and examples of HTML page elements
  • Resources: Additional guidance around accessibility, governance, legal compliance, and more topics.

By following DSG guidelines, you connect your application to USPS's brand, mission, and customers' needs and expectations.

Digital Style Guide Version

You are currently viewing DSG version 4.0, launched in April, 2021.

The USPS Digital Style Guide (DSG) is a living document and the domain is ever growing. The DSG is as complete and current as possible. However, if you have any questions about USPS digital style, don’t see the specification you need in the DSG, or require guidance for a new/revised user interface element, please contact

Please see the Release Notes for a complete version history.