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Presort Verification  
Verify sortation to qualify for automation rates.
The MERLIN™ program can verify the sortation composition of discounted mailings. It examines tray labels, package sortation, and container sortation according to Domestic Mail Manual requirements for First-Class Mail®, USPS Marketing Mail™, and Periodicals. If the sample tested by MERLIN yields a score greater than 95 percent or higher, the mailing qualifies for the rates claimed.

There are two reports related to Presort Verification:
U.S. Postal Service Presort Verification Record PS 2866X Report
summarizes errors contained in a presort mailing. It also provides a calculation of the costs and a record of the disposition.
U.S. Postal Service Presort Verification Record PS 2866X Report (RTF)

Sortation Exception Report
describes sortation error information about a mailing based on ZIP destination or tray piece count and also individual mailpiece errors identified by MERLIN.
Sortation Exception Report (RTF)

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