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MERLIN Reports  
Learn how to read and understand MERLINā„¢ program reports.
Summary Reports

A summary report is printed each time a MERLIN test has been completed. The report recaps all verifications conducted during the MERLIN test and indicates any variations that are outside of U.S. Postal ServiceĀ® tolerances. It is printed and returned to the mailer each time a test is conducted, along with a duplicate copy of the postage statement.

Download sample table (RTF)

Verification Reports

MERLIN generates reports that help acceptance clerks at Business Mail Entry Units (BMEUs) verify mailings. The reports fall into four categories:

  • Presort Verification
    • Presort Verification Report
    • Sortation Exception Report
  • Barcode Readability Reports
  • Address Accuracy Report
  • Mailpiece Characteristics Report