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Electronic Data Exchange  
Electronic mailing information submission delivers impressive results – including substantial time and money savings – to organizations of all sizes. Supplying information electronically also allows us to assemble the appropriate resources for efficient processing.

To begin, decide which electronic documentation method meets your mailing needs:
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Postal Wizard

Postal Wizard is a tool that provides mailers a secure way to submit a postage statement online, through a PostalOne! account
Postal Wizard guides mailers the items they need to complete the postage statement based on information they provide along the way
Qualification reports may be hardcopy or on an electronic viewer provided by the mailer


Mail.dat is an industry defined, relational file structure transmitted by the mailer to the PostalOne! System
It offers a Web-based alternative to existing manual mailing processes with an electronic suite of services designed exclusively for business mailers
Used to send data (not postage statements) to the PostalOne! system
Allows updates to certain data
Intended for mailers who generally use software to generate statements and have a need to send large or complex mailings


Mail.XML™ will be available Fall 2009
Different file structure technology with similar capabilities and benefits as Mail.dat:
Interaction to occur in near real time
Submission of postage statements and other documentation to be done electronically
Creation of appointments with the FAST systems
Receipt of MIDs, CRIDs; Full-Service Start-the-clock, containers scans, and ACS/Nixie data

There is an additional PTS (Product Tracking System) file format option for the following Shipping Services:

Parcel Return Service
Parcel Return Service (PRS) is a workshare discount program from the United States Postal Service® that offers an easy and convenient way for your customers to return items to you. With PRS, you or your agent retrieve returned parcels from designated Returns Delivery Unit (RDU) or Return Sectional Center Facility locations helping to reduce costly processing and transportation expenses. Your company benefits from improved customer satisfaction and the cost-savings associated with this workshare program.

Electronic Verification System
The e-VS, or Electronic Verification System, allows high-volume package mailers and package consolidators to document and pay postage, including special service fees, using electronic manifest files. The files are transmitted over the Internet to a Postal Service™ database. e-VS is designed to make it easy for high-volume package mailers to take advantage of destination entry rates.

Electronic Data Exchange Testing & The Test Environment for Mailers (TEM)

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