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Electronic Data Exchange Testing & The Test Environment for Mailers (TEM)  
Data exchange testing with PostalOne! Customer Support is necessary prior to activation for all electronic data exchange methods other than Postal Wizard. The PostalOne! system will provide the Mailers with a Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) to allow Mailers to submit Mail.dat jobs for validation processing in a non-production environment. This will provide mailers a way to test their file layouts and corresponding file submission/creation software prior to submitting jobs to the production application. The TEM environment will process the submitted files for the same validations that will be found in the production environment. It will also capture, log and display the error information in the same manner as the production environment for the mailers use in updating file layout and software processing.

Testing and Authorization Steps

1. Once the Mailer has gained access to the Business Customer Gateway, downloaded the appropriate software (if applicable), the customer will send the Help Desk an email notifying them they are ready to begin testing. This email should include:
a. Company Name
b. Contact Name
c. Phone Number
d. Data Exchange Method (Mail.dat, Mail.XML, etc) and version (if applicable)

2. Help Desk will contact customer with test scenarios.

3. Mailers will begin transmitting files into the Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) environment.

4. The Help Desk will assist Mailers with the testing process, monitor that the test criteria are being completed, and provide technical assistance.

5. Once the Mailer has successfully completed their testing in the TEM environment, the Help Desk will notify the BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) or BMS (Business Mailer Support) that the Mailer has completed the file testing and ready to move to the production system.

6. For new Mail.dat Mailers with an alternate mailing agreement, there will be a parallel test process. In the parallel test, the Mailer must send to the production system all Mail.dat files and postage statement updates for five consecutive business days, and during that time the Mailer must continue to provide hardcopy postage statements and hardcopy documentation (or other previously approved electronic documentation). The acceptance employee must compare the hardcopy document to the electronic documentation to ensure the values are matching.

7. For new Mail.dat Mailers that have their mail weigh verified at the BMEU, no parallel test will be required.

8. BMEU or BMS execute final approval process to move the Mailer to the production system.