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Transportation Management
Move your mail with PostalOne!® Transportation Management.
The PostalOne! Transportation Management system features direct routing of mail using the most time-efficient transportation possible by utilizing advanced surface and air assignments. The overall objective is to better align First-Class Mail® business customers with Postal Service™ production, acceptance, and distribution processes. The technology component features a shipping system that scans tray labels, captures weight, and interfaces with the Surface-Air Management System (S-AMS) for assignments.

This feature is targeted for the top 100 First-Class Mail business customers nationwide. These customers have consistently indicated they wanted the Postal Service to develop a new mechanism that can help them meet certain service standards by improving the speed, accuracy, and consistency of mail delivery. The PostalOne! Transportation feature directly addresses these needs.
Advanced Surface & Air Transportation Management
Located at a mailer's facility, the PostalOne! Shipping System furnished by the Postal Service is designed to scan mailing labels, record weight, and link to the Postal Service Surface-Air Management System (S-AMS) for air or surface transportation assignments. This real-time (day zero) transportation assignment enables more control of local Postal Service dispatch assignments, frequently resulting in improved service and reliability.
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Know Status of a Mailing Job From Start to Finish
The PostalOne! Shipping System records each transaction, capturing key information such as mail type, destination, transportation carrier and time of day. The overall PostalOne! design is aligned with future Postal Service unit load tracking initiatives, which will help with fraud protection, reprinting due to transportation failures, and identification of service problems.

Mailer Process Improvements
Using the PostalOne! Shipping System results in a more streamlined and consistent workflow within a mailer's facility. Prior to the PostalOne! system, mail may have been mixed or tagged for Air Contract Transportation (ACT). Now, mail is transferred to a central scanning and processing location for a transportation assignment, enabling mailing jobs to be commingled by assignment and destination. This approach allows the mail verification process to better align with the actual transportation dispatch scheduling for more efficient induction.

More Accurate Planning
The PostalOne! Shipping System is equipped with a reporting tool called the Data Analysis Tool (DAT). This tool produces standard reports detailing the mailer's production profile and destination density. The DAT reports can be used to conduct trend analysis and identify high-volume destinations or transportation routes. The Postal Service plans to use this data to assist with additional customization of surface and air routes based on actual mail volumes.