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Transportation FAQs & Glossary  
Get a better understanding of PostalOne!® Transportation features.
Q. How will my company benefit from using a PostalOne! Transportation Management Shipping System?

A. Using the PostalOne! Transportation Management Shipping System can result in a more streamlined and consistent workflow within your mailing facility. The PostalOne! Transportation Management Shipping System is designed to scan mailing labels, record weight, and link to the Postal Service™ Surface-Air Management System (S-AMS) for air or surface transportation assignments. This allows for more control of the local Postal Service dispatch assignments, which frequently results in improved service and reliability.

Q. Which companies are certified as PostalOne! Transportation Management Shipping System vendors?

A. Currently, only Carter Controls, Inc. and Lockheed Martin are certified for high-volume systems. CODE-PLUS is certified for desktop systems.

Q. Who can participate in the PostalOne! Transportation Management program?

A. The PostalOne! Transportation Management system is currently offered only to customers who produce primarily First-Class Mail®. For additional information on program participation, please find the number for your program office on the Contact Transportation page.

Q. Will the PostalOne! system help to speed up mail processing, transportation, and delivery?

A. Yes! it will provide opportunities for improvement in all areas of the mailing process by providing information to the multiple handlers of mail within the Postal Service to assist them in coordinating their efforts.

Q. How does the PostalOne! Transportation Management System assign mail to a mode of transportation?

A. This system uses the basic design of the Fully Automated Scan-Where-You-Band (FASWYB), or Desktop Shipping System (DSS) to which we have added new functionality. The PostalOne! system searches the database of all available surface routings to find one that will meet the constraints of destination Critical Entry Time (CET) and origin departure via Highway Contract Route (HCR). Only when a suitable surface routing cannot be found does the system search S-AMS (Surface-Air Management System) for an air routing.
PostalOne! Transportation Glossary

AAA Automated Airline Assignment
AMC Air Mail Center
AMF/C Air Mail Facility/Center
APC All-Purpose Carts
BCSS Business Customer Support Systems
BMEU Business Mail Entry Unit
CET Critical Entry Time
CIN Container Identifier Number
CIN Content Identification Number
D&R Distribution & Routing
DMM Domestic Mail Manual
DMU Detached Mail Unit
DSS Desktop Shipping System
EDRD Engineering Design Requirements Document
EIA Electronic Information Access
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FASWYB Fully Automated Scan-Where-You-Band
FCM First-Class Mail
FCS Factory Control System
HCR Highway Contract Route
HVSS High-Volume Shipping System
IPS In-Plant Support
MMIC Major Mailer Interface Channel
MPC Mail Processing Code
MTE Mail Transport Equipment
MVS Motor Vehicle Support
NAM National Account Manager
NASS National Air and Surface System
NCSC National Customer Support Center
P&DC Processing & Distribution Center
PASS PostalOne! Assignment Support System
RCSC Rates and Classifications Service Center
T/C Transaction Concentrator
TCSS Transportation Contract Support System
TPH Total Pieces Handled
USPS United States Postal Service