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Access information to assist you in using the PostalOne!® system.

PostalOne! Getting Started Guide

Getting Started with Full-Service for Letters and Flats

Full-Service Intelligent Mail offers mailers elimination of permit fees, address correction and visibility and tracking of mailings. See the Full-Service Intelligent Mail Fact Sheet for more information.

Postal Service Mail.XML™ Technical Specification
The Postal Service Mail.XML™ Technical Specification explains the FAST appointment scheduling, Full Service Data Distribution back to customers, eDoc for Full service and eInduction status management through Mail.XML specification.
FAST - The FAST system utilizes the PostalOne! system as the main communication platform with USPS external customers for Mail.XML communication. Customers using the suite of electronic services provided by the PostalOne! system (i.e. eDocumentation) will be able to leverage their existing information within the PostalOne! system to facilitate their appointment scheduling process for the Full-service.
Data Distribution – As part of the Full service program, the PostalOne! system will make the Full Service ACS COA®, Full Service Nixie ACS Nixie, Start-the-Clock, Container Induction scans and Full-service quality verification reporting back to the customers. This Postal Service Mail.XML Specification, available below, covers the technical implementation of data distribution.
eDocs – In May 2009, the PostalOne! system is implementing some basic eDoc messages. In a later release, PostalOne! plans to implement the remaining eDoc messages for a mailing group, postage statements, qualification and other reports, co-palletization, and piece detail and piece range support.
Please check back for updated versions of The Specification to learn about sending Final eDoc data to the PostalOne! system for a later release.

Download the Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specification
  • Appointment Scheduling (FAST): FAST Mail.XML 14.0A (PDF)
  • Full Service Feedback (Data Distribution (DD)): DD Mail.XML 16.0 (PDF)
  • Mailer IDs (MID) and Customer Registration IDs (CRID): MID-CRID Mail.XML 16.0 (PDF)
  • Postage Payment and Reporting (eDoc): eDoc Mail.XML 16.0 (PDF)

Postal Service Mail.dat® Technical Specification
The Technical Specification explains the technical infrastructure preparations and changes that are required to consistently and reliably send mailing data to the PostalOne! system.

Download the Postal Service Mail.DAT Technical Specification
  • Postal Service Mail.dat Technical Specification (PDF)

Postage Statement Wizard®
The Postage Statement Wizard Forms are being replaced with an online submit option through the PostalOne! system. The forms option will no longer be supported after the rate case implementation.
Learn more about Postage Statement Wizard®

PostalOne! System Release Notes
Release Notes provide information on system changes with an upcoming release.
Learn more about PostalOne! System Release Notes

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PostalOne! Automated Drop Shipment Scheduling Services are automated, near-real-time scheduling services that eliminate the need for manual drop shipment appointment requests, and allow customers to manage and report on appointment data using the FAST website.
International Digital Enterprise Alliance develops and maintains the industry standard file format of Mail.dat used to exchange information between customers and the Postal Service.
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