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PostalOne! Services & Features  
The PostalOne!® system provides a new automated, streamlined alternative to the existing business mail acceptance process. It features:

Integrated, Web-based solutions, providing:

Automated scheduling services for drop shipment mailings
Electronic documentation and postage statements
Simplified mail acceptance, verification and payment processes
Reduced hardcopy paperwork and handling costs
Increased operations efficiency with the mail induction process
Improved access to mailing information and job tracking
Enhanced account management capability
Online mailing quality and Full Service reporting

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System Help Desk at
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The Business Customer Gateway presents four service groupings for enabling PostalOne! business functionality:

Manage Mailing Activity
Audit Mailing Activity
Manage Electronic Verification Activity (e-VS)
Manage Electronic Return Activity (PRS)

Access to these Service Groupings requires establishing business accounts through the Business Customer Gateway Sign-in Sign-up process. During Sign-up, you will have the option to request any of the PostalOne! business services listed above. PostalOne! services also require that a company designate a Business Service Administrator to assume the management of its company user base including requests for access to those services enabled for the company.

Manage Mailing Activity
The Manage Mailing Activity service comprises the majority of PostalOne! functionality including:

Manage Permits
Postal Wizard (Submit a Form)
Balance and Fees
Mailing Reports

Additional services under the Manage Mailing Activity grouping include a Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) for Mail.dat, Mail.XML™ and the Postal Wizard and Full-Service Reporting.

Audit Mailing Activity
The Audit Mailing Activity service allows read-only access to its users for all data associated to the permits or USPS Publication Numbers linked to the account. The user may not submit or change mailing information on this type of account. The permit owner must give permission for the permit to be linked to the account. Companies who provide a paid audit service to customers who pay postage are the expected users of this particular service.

Manage Electronic Verification Activity (e-VS)
The Electronic Verification System (e-VS), allows high-volume package mailers and package consolidators to document and pay postage, including special service fees, using electronic manifest files. The files are transmitted over the Internet to a Postal Service™ database and then processed by e-VS. The e-VS file transmission procedure mirrors existing USPS manual manifest processes but does so electronically. Manifests files that include mailing characteristics are monitored by a sampling procedure designed to verify postage accuracy after mailings arrive at a destination entry Post Office™.

Manage Electronic Return Activity (PRS)
Parcel Return Service (PRS) is a workshare discount program from the United States Postal Service® that offers an easy and convenient way for customers of retail companies to return parcels to them. With PRS, a company or its agent retrieves returned parcels from designated Returns Delivery Unit or Return Sectional Center Facility locations helping to reduce costly processing and transportation expenses. Companies benefit from improved customer satisfaction and the cost-savings associated with PRS program.

Select Sign Up on the Business Customer Gateway to request any of these PostalOne! services.