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Understand MERLIN™ program reports.
MERLIN performs a number of verification procedures, each of which generates a report detailing relevant information about the mailpiece. The categories and their associated reports are as follows:

Presort Verification – verifies the sortation composition of discounted rate mailings.

Presort Verification Record
Sortation Exception Report

Barcode Readability – performs barcode quality analysis.

POSTNET Barcode Readability Report
Expanded Barcode Readability Report
Aggregated Barcode Error Report
Barcode Readability Report Legend
POSTNET Barcode Readability Report Adjustment Worksheet
POSTNET Barcode Exceptions Report
POSTNET Digit String Report

Address Accuracy Report – matches addresses to the current ZIP + 4® Code product when used with current CASS-certified address-matching software.

Mailpiece Characteristics Report – verifies height, length, thickness, weight, and aspect ratio to make sure mailpieces are eligible for rates claimed.