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Ensuring Quality Mail Preparation  
Prepare your mail for automation rates.
In addition to helping you to qualify for reduced postage rates, quality mail preparation benefits mailers in several ways:

Prevents delays in processing
Saves costs of reworking mailings
Lowers USPS® transportation and processing costs
Increases delivery rates

Establish a Full-Service Certification (FSC) operation to ensure your mail meets standard quality levels. The best practices in the following sections can be incorporated within that program:

Designing Your Mailpiece – Learn how to design quality mailpieces.
Reviewing Your Mailpiece – Review your mailpieces before the MERLIN verification process.
Producing Your Mailpiece – Understand how to print quality mailpieces.
Maintaining Your Printer Hardware – Keep your hardware prepared to print your mailpieces.
Reviewing and Tracking Reports – Examine the results of all reports to identify maintenance or equipment issues.

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