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  • Free Package Pickups1 Short on time? We’ll come and pick up your shipments.
  • Free Regular Saturday Delivery2 We go the extra mile by giving you an extra day of delivery.
  • No Fuel Surcharges You never have to worry about paying for any fuel costs.
  • Free Boxes3 Get free Priority Mail® boxes delivered to your door.
  • No DIM Weighting4 We don’t charge you for unnecessary dimensional weight pricing.
  • No Residential Surcharges Avoid paying a higher price when shipping to a residence.

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  1. 1. For details on free package pickup, visit
  2. 2. Except if Saturday is a national holiday. Priority Mail Express® service may be available for an added charge.
  3. 3. For use with Priority Mail®, Priority Mail International®, Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail Express International® shipping. Boxes are delivered within the U.S. with your regular mail usually within 7 to 10 business days. Exclusions apply. For details and to order, visit
  4. 4. In some cases, a domestic Priority Mail® shipment within zones 1-4 only, and weighing less than 20 pounds, may be subject to USPS Balloon Rate pricing. Packages whose [Length (longest side)] + [(2 x W)+(2 x H)] is between 84" and 108" and meeting the foregoing conditions will pay postage at the 20-pound rate rather than actual.