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Residential Delivery Indicator  
Lower shipping costs by avoiding residential delivery surcharges.
Unlike the United States Postal Service®, some shipping companies charge a higher price for delivery to a residence. If you are shipping to residences, you may lower costs by shipping with the Postal Service™ and avoid residential delivery surcharges.

RDI™ enabled software helps you make informed shipping decisions by identifying whether a delivery type is classified as residential or business. The RDI™ data product licensed by the Postal Service works with certified CASS™ software or an address standardization tool provider to verify delivery type status.

Get started with RDI delivery type indicator by contacting a Certified Vendor. Or find out how to license the RDI product for use with your own certified CASS™ software or an address standardization tool by contacting the National Customer Support Center at 800-589-5766.
  Goodbye costly residential   surcharges!
Now there's a low cost solution for avoiding costly residential surcharges.

  RDI Certified Vendors
Check out a current list of certified RDI vendors.
Go to RDI Certified Vendors

Make informed shipping decisions with the help of RDI

Avoid residential delivery surcharges by verifying delivery type status prior to shipping
Lower shipping charges by price-shopping for a service that meets your needs
Reduce returns due to incorrect addresses by using the RDI data product in conjunction with CASS software or an address standardization tool
Identify shipping patterns to improve operational efficiency