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Parcel Barcode Discount  
Your way to a more cost-efficient shipping program.
One of the many advantages to shipping with the United States Postal Service® is the opportunity to earn additional discounts by barcoding your packages. Now, the Postal Service™ has one precise symbology for barcoding your parcels: GS1-128. Shippers who use the GS1-128 for shipments of 50 or more parcels will receive a 3¢ discount on each parcel.
Save with barcodes!

Receive a 3¢ discount for each correctly barcoded parcel sent in shipments of 50 or more pieces.

For more information about how to earn discounts for barcoding your parcels, please contact your Postal Account Manager.
Why your business should adopt the GS1-128 standard.
The GS1-128 symbology is one of the most reliable, compact, one-dimensional barcodes available. It is rapidly becoming the most widely accepted barcode in use today. Plus, there are a variety of other benefits:

Receive a 3¢ discount for each correctly barcoded parcel sent in shipments of 50 or more pieces.
Improve addressing quality standards.
Increased processing accuracy through reduced manual processing.
Reduce acceptance and verification problems.
Improve first-time read price for parcels.
Choose between two types of barcodes: Single concatenated (that combines the postal routing barcode and USPS Tracking™ or Signature Confirmation™ service); or the 5-digit ZIP Code™ postal routing barcode.

The basic elements of barcode requirements.
To qualify for the discount and ensure correct handling, a barcode must be prepared with the correct ZIP Code information for the delivery address on the parcel. In addition, the barcode must meet the criteria in the Domestic Mail Manual and in the Confirmation Services Technical Guide.

Greater flexibility in barcode placements.
The Postal Service now allows you to choose from a variety of positions for your barcodes. Use the following guidelines to ensure that your barcodes are positioned correctly:

Your barcode may appear on a separate label, or on an alternate location on the address label. Either way, the barcode must appear on the address side of the parcel.
Barcodes that are not placed immediately adjacent to the address must not invade any space reserved for required markings and endorsements.
Label must be placed on the side of the parcel with the largest surface area, except that the address (and barcode) must be on the top surface of the parcel when its shape and contents requires specific orientation for stability during processing and handling.
Labels must not overlap any adjacent side of the parcel.

Ship parcels with machinable dimensions.
Only machinable parcels are eligible for the 3¢ barcode discount. Parcels must meet the following size criteria in order to be machinable:

  Minimum Maximum
       Height: 3" 17"
       Length: 6" 34"
       Thickness: 1/4" 17"
       Weight: 6 oz* 35 lb.

For more information on machinable parcels, read our Quick Service Guide to Designing Parcels for Automated Processing:

QSG 401a
Find out more online
In addition to the information presented here, a detailed list of barcoding standards is available in the Domestic Mail Manual. Information about using barcoding with USPS Tracking™ and Signature Confirmation services is available in the Confirmation Services Technical Guide.

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