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Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS)

CAPS is…
The Centralized Account Processing System which is an alternative to presenting checks and cash for postage and paying annual fees at multiple postal locations. CAPS is an electronic postage payment system that provides business mailers a centralized, convenient, and cost-effective way to allow business mailers to electronically (e.g. ACH Debit, ACH Credit and Fed wires) pay for:

Permit Imprint
Business Reply Mai (BRM)*
Merchandise Return Service (MRS)*
Postage Due Account*
USPS Corporate Account™
Address Element Correction

*Limited availability. Check with your local Post office to determine availability in your area.

Customers can choose from the following CAPS account types:

Centralized Trust Accounts — Customers deposit funds using electronic funds transfer (i.e. ACH Credit or Fed wire) to the USPS’s bank prior to mailing. The CAPS account is automatically updated with your deposit and then reduced when local post offices process postage statements.

Centralized Debit Account —Customers designate a debit-enabled bank account for postage charges. The bank account is debited for the total day's postage on the next bank business day.

For International Mailings
Deferred Debit (International Postage Payment) – Establish deferred debiting for international products, such as International Surface Airlift and International Priority Airmail. This isn’t a separate account type__ it’s an extension of an existing debit account. International postage payments debit the designated mailer’s bank account on the 5th and 20th of each month. Customs payments are not deferred.

CAPS Customers…
Continue to mail under the same permit imprint, periodical, and business reply account numbers currently held at the local postal locations.
Have a unique account number and password to ensure that funds are properly administered.
Capability to incorporate all or some of their existing accounts into CAPS.
Monitor your postage more closely.
Have annual mailing and accounting fees administered automatically.
Access and download real-time CAPS account information through reports generated at the CAPS Web site.
May apply for a deferred-debit payment option for designated international products. CAPS provides twice-monthly debiting for international mailing expenses.

Ready to Enroll?
Complete the application forms, print, sign, and send them to the CAPS Service Center.

CAPS Service Center
US Postal Service
2700 Campus Drive
San Mateo CA 94497-9442

Required Forms for CAPS Trust Account
PS Form 6001
PS Form 6002

Required Forms for CAPS Debit Account
PS Form 6001
PS Form 6002
PS Form 6003

PS Form 6001, Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) Account Application — Application for establishing a national CAPS account. All applicants must complete and submit this form to apply for a CAPS account.

PS Form 6002, Accounts and Services to be Paid Through a PostalOne! Postage Payment Account – Designates local account numbers to link to your centralized trust or centralized debit account. All applicants must complete and submit this form to provide information about current trust accounts.

PS Form 6003, PostalOne! Postage Payment Account Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement – Authorizes the Postal Service to debit your bank account. Only applicants who wish to establish a debit account need to complete this form.

Need more information?
Please contact your local Postal Service business center, account representative, or the CAPS Service Center at (650) 377-1334.