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Mail Preparation Total Quality Management (MPTQM)
The Mail Preparation Total Quality Management (MPTQM) is a program designed to help businesses prepare mailings that meet or exceed Postal Service™ processing quality standards. Designed by industry mailers, it’s a complete system of realistic quality control measures and standardized assessment procedures. It applies to all aspects of the mail preparation process; from the generation and barcoding of a mailpiece to the final sorting and containerizing that takes place just prior to presenting the mailing to the Postal Service.
  Program Benefits
Streamlined acceptance process and improved mail quality are only a few of your benefits.
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MPTQM is based upon three internationally recognized quality methodologies- ISO 9001:2000, the Malcolm Baldridge Performance Excellence criteria, and Total Quality Management. By merging the relevant principles of these programs into MPTQM, commercial mailers and the Postal Service have created a new mailing industry benchmark for customer service and product quality.

There are three types of mailers who can apply MPTQM to their mailings:
List Mailers
A list mailer is involved in all phases of the mailpiece, from preparation to production to presentation at the Post Office™. List mailers typically perform sortations from a computerized list or an automated letter sorter or Multiline Optical Character Reader (MLOCR).

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Presort Service Bureaus
A presort service bureau primarily manages mail preparation and presentation to the Post Office™. They collect mail from several customers and combine the mailings in order to take advantage of postage discounts.

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A consolidator collects mail (i.e. parcels, flats) from multiple customers and combines the individual mailings in order to take advantage of postal discounts.

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