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The Last Mile Technologies experience is for business mailers and end-consumers alike—a look at
upcoming innovations, new capabilities and ways to get involved in the ever-important Last Mile.
Take a look at what’s coming to your neighborhood, your office and your digital device.

An Intelligent Step Forward in Mail Preparation

Intelligent Mail®: uses information-rich barcodes and electronic documentation to provide valuable services that can enhance business operations such as marketing, financials, and customer support.

Barcode Technology
Increases Visibility

The Intelligent Barcode for letters, large envelopes and packages captures more robust information upfront before your mail or package enters (or reaches) the mail stream.

Prepare Mailings Using
Electronic Documentation

By eliminating hard copy paper work, we’ve linked all tracking data from the first mile to the last mile.

A Seamless Experience for Mailers

Providing electronic documentation about your mailing enables a simplified, paperless and
convenient mail induction experience.

image-description Flexible Mail Anywhere and Pay Anywhere Options

Full-Service mailers can
enter and pay for their business mailings at multiple locations with the same permit.

image-description Optimize Acceptance of Presorted Mail with Seamless Acceptance

Streamlines mail acceptance processes including documentation, scheduling, payment, and entry.

image-description Simplified Acceptance of Mail with eInduction

Reduces mailer administrative work, expedited mail movement, and eliminates verification and paper forms.

Where’s my Mail and Packages?

By leveraging next generation scanning technologies, the Postal ServiceTM stands ready to rapidly capture
high volumes of mail and packages barcodes, providing near real-time intelligence to the Last Mile.

image-description Real-time Mail

Provides real-time scan data so you know when to expect your delivery.

image-description Robust Tracking

Simultaneously reads multiple barcodes to rapidly track packages within the system.

image-description Predictive Delivery

Mail and packages are scanned throughout the network to accurately predict delivery times.

Technology Supporting New Delivery Options

Dynamic routing and real-time delivery scans will enable predictive
status updates on smarter, more flexible delivery.

Scan data generated in post offices and on the delivery route in real-time enables us to offer same-day services, respond to last minute pickup requests, and re-route parcels to convenient pick-up locations.

image-description Meeting the Needs of
an Evolving Society

Whether you’re shopping in the store, online, or on our mobile app, we are creating new service options such as same day pick up and delivery.

image-description New Delivery

Based on the packages a carrier has on-hand and the shortest transit times, scan data helps recommend alternative routes, creating a more flexible efficent business model.

image-description Package Re-Direct
to Parcel Lockers or Go Post

Convenient, temporary lockers accept and store your packages until you are able to retrieve your items.

Delivery Analytics and Mail Quality

Scanning data is captured throughout mail processing and delivery, yielding robust analytics about the
performance of your mail and delivery. The Postal ServiceTM provides valuable insight, foresight and hindsight
for your business through a variety of Business Intelligence tools.

Enterprise Security, Reliability and Scalability

Ensuring high availability of our systems and network to meet evolving business needs.

  • image-description Data - All Day,
    Every Day

    The Postal ServiceTM relies on one of the largest and most complex IT infrastructures and networks on the planet.

  • image-description Extreme

    From cloud — to high-performance computing — to streaming data, the Postal ServiceTM network remains on the cutting edge of capability to meet demand.

  • image-description Most Trusted
    Government Agency

    Award winning security program continues to build brand trust.

  • image-description 99.99%
    Continuous Uptime

    System performance and continuous availability provides you with a more consistent, stable experience.

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