When will my mail begin to be forwarded after I submit a USPS Change of Address® (COA)? Expand Collapse FAQ question

Forwarding will begin 7 to 10 Postal business days from the effective date on the COA card to receive forwarded mail at the new address. It is recommended that a COA be filled out 2 weeks before moving but may not be completed more than 3 months prior to moving.

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USPS Tracking® comes with a number of shipping services, allowing you to enter the tracking number for your item and see its status. Visit the USPS Tracking® page to search for your item and to see a list of services and label number formats that are compatible.

If you are unable to locate your mail or package, please email us about your problem and/or contact customer service.

Forever® Stamps

First-Class™ Forever® stamps are currently $0.49. Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail® 1-oz price.

Square or Oddly-Shaped Envelope Stamps

Postage for square cards or invitations (under 13 oz) or nonstandard-sized envelopes that have to be hand-cancelled, begins at $0.71.

Postcard Stamps

Standard-sized postcard stamps are $0.35. Oversized postcards are charged as letters or large envelopes.

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You can pay for postage and print a shipping label wherever you have access to a printer. All you need is a® account to get started. Print now or learn more about printing and shipping.

Once you've printed your label with postage and prepared your shipment, you can schedule a free package pickup during regular mail delivery.

For details on free package pickup, go to Schedule a Pickup.

The Postal Service® offers multiple options to conveniently purchase stamps. You can order stamps on® any time of the day by selecting Buy Stamps in Quick Tools. You can also visit one of our many Approved Postal Providers®, including grocery and convenience stores, or a Self Service Kiosk (Automated Postal Centers®) in your local Post Office™ lobby. Go to Quick Tools on under Find USPS Locations for hours and directions. You can also ship packages from many of these convenient locations.

To find delivery standards for your mail or package, including when you should contact customer service if you haven't received it, please check the chart below.

Use the Priority Mail® Delivery Map to see how long it may take your package to reach its U.S. destination.
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Mail Class Delivery Standard Contact Customer Service After:
First-Class Mail® 1 - 3 business days (not guaranteed) 5 or more days from the date of mailing
Priority Mail® 1, 2, or 3 business days (not guaranteed)* 5 or more days from the date of mailing
Priority Mail Express™ 1 - 2 business days (with money-back guarantee)** Scheduled Delivery Date/Time Missed
Standard Post™ 2 - 8 business days (not guaranteed) 14 or more days from the date of mailing

If your mail or package has not arrived within the time noted above, please complete a delayed mail report. Please have your mail or package information available when completing the form, particularly your tracking number if applicable.

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If we missed you when we tried to deliver your package or mail, you'll see a peach-colored notice left by your carrier with an article number associated with your item. By filling out a form online and including the article number, you can schedule a redelivery on a day that's more convenient for you.

With USPS Package Intercept® service, you can redirect a domestic item you've sent if it hasn't been delivered or released for delivery. Package Intercept service is available for packages, letters, and flats with a tracking or extra services barcode. You can request to have your item redirected back to the sender's address, sent to a Post Office™ as a Hold For Pickup, or to a different domestic address.