Click-N-Ship SCAN Forms

Now your recipient can know the package is on its way with the new Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice, or SCAN Form.

The SCAN Form contains a master barcode that represents all the packages in a shipment. When your packages are received by the Postal Service, this single scan enters all of your associated packages into our database as “Shipment Accepted”.

Both you and the recipient can see when a package was entered into the Postal Service’s mailstream by using USPS Tracking®. Small businesses and online retailers can show customers that shipments really are on their way.

The process is simple:

1.   Create your label.

2.   After printing all your labels for the day, close out and print the SCAN Form. Sample SCAN Form

3.   Bring the form with you to the Post Office™ or place it with your packages if you request Package Pickup.

4.   A USPS employee will scan the barcode on the SCAN Form and return it to you for your records.

Please note:

SCAN Forms (PS Form 5630) are only available for labels with online paid postage.

All packages associated with a particular SCAN Form must be shipped from the same ZIP Code™ and on the same day.

To check package status, enter the individual package label number into Track on You can also use the SCAN Form number to see the “Shipment Accepted” time and place.