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Print Shipping Labels


Print a complete shipping label with a tracking barcode to track packages seamlessly with one of our PC Postage® partners.

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USPS Tracking™

Generate USPS Tracking barcoded labels for Priority Mail®, First-Class Mail® parcels, and package services parcels, including Standard Post™, Media Mail®, and Library Mail. Optional features include a post-date request and e-mail ship notification to recipient.
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Signature Confirmation™ Labels

Need proof of delivery? Generate a Signature Confirmation barcoded label for Priority Mail, First-Class Mail parcels, Standard Post, Media Mail, and Library Mail services, and we’ll provide the complete address label, including the Signature Confirmation Service barcode.
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Priority Mail Open & Distribute® Labels

This tool generates Priority Mail Open & Distribute labels to be placed on a Tag 161 or Tag 190 for Priority Mail Open & Distribute containers. Priority Mail Open & Distribute expedites the transportation of bulk mailings by using Priority Mail service to quickly send the mailings to a destination delivery unit for processing.
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Priority Mail Express™ Labels

Generate a single-ply Priority Mail Express shipping label complete with return and delivery addresses, a barcode, and a mailing record for your use.
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Electronic Merchandise Return Service Labels

With just one click, online shoppers can print a return label right from your web site. This cuts down on customer service calls—saving time and money. Print return labels for Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, Standard Post, Media Mail, and Library Mail services. Additional information, such as insurance or an authorization number, can be included, too.
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International Shipping Labels

Send documents and packages globally. USPS® offers reliable, affordable shipping to more than 180 countries. Generate Priority Mail Express International™, Priority Mail International®, First-Class Mail International®, or First-Class Package International Service shipping labels complete with addresses, barcode, customs form, and mailing receipt.
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Customs Forms

International mail is subject to customs examination in the destination country. Contents and value of an item must be declared on the applicable customs form, PS Form 2976 (Customs Declaration) or PS Form 2976-A (Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note). Generate the customs forms complete with addresses, barcodes, and customs forms.
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