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Package Pickup API
Package Pickup

Package Pickup APIs

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Check the availability for Package Pickup at a specific address, Schedule a Pickup, and get first available date for pickup. Package Pickup is not available for all addresses. Available for Priority Mail Express™, Priority Mail®, International, and returns packages. Package Pickup is not available for all addresses.

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Test XML Request (Package Pickup Availability)<CarrierPickupAvailabilityRequest USERID="xxxxxxxxxxxx">
<FirmName> </FirmName>
<Address2> RR 1 BOX 133A</Address2>
<City> dunmore</City>


Test XML Response (Package Pickup Availability)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FirmName>ABC Corp.</FirmName>
<SuiteOrApt>Suite 777</SuiteOrApt>
<Address2>1390 Market Street</Address2>