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Create innovative solutions to help you or your clients make shipping easier by integrating USPS Web Tools® in just 3 simple steps.

See technical documents for step-by-step instructions and test codes for integration.
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Get Started with USPS Web Tools

Step 1: Register

Get access to Web Tools APIs through our simple registration process.

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Step 2: Develop

Get step-by-step instructions to integrate Web Tools APIs into your web site or software application.

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Step 3: Go Live

Once you've completed integration, you'll need to submit a request to promote tools to production.

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Hire a professional integrator
Browse a list of Ecommerce API service integrators who may be able to help you integrate USPS Web Tools into your software applications or web site.
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Want to be a Web Tools Integrator?
Follow step-by-step instructions to become a Certified Ecommerce API Integrator.
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