Tracking & Delivery Information APIs

Get estimated delivery information and track packages until they arrive with Tracking & Delivery Information APIs.

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Tracking & Delivery Information APIs
Track and Confirm

Tracking & Delivery Information APIs

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Track any package shipped via Priority Mail Express™, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Priority Mail Express International™ services. Check the tracking information for packages shipped with USPS Tracking™, Signature Confirmation™, Certified Mail®, or Registered Mail™ services.

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Test XML Request<TrackRequestUSERID="xxxxxxxxxxxx">
    <TrackID ID="EJ958083578US"></TrackID>


Test XML Response

Your item was delivered at 8:10 am on June 1 in Wilmington DE 19801.May 30 11:07 am NOTICE LEFT WILMINGTON DE 19801.May 30 10:08 am ARRIVAL AT UNIT WILMINGTON DE 19850.May 29 9:55 am ACCEPT OR PICKUP EDGEWATER NJ 07020.