Become a Web Tools Integrator

Some companies do not have the expertise to integrate USPS Web Tools® into their site. To assist these customers in achieving their goals, the U.S. Postal Service® publishes contact information for any company who is willing to its offer their expertise and is capable of meeting our criteria.

Steps to Being Listed

1. Read our Policy Guide

Download and read the Software Distributors Policy Guide. This Guide provides information regarding distribution of passwords and IDs to your customers and answers many important questions.

Download the Software Distributors Policy Guide RTF | HTM


2. Register with USPS Web Tools

Register Now


3. Agree to All Terms and Conditions

Agree to all Terms and Conditions necessary in order to begin testing the USPS Web Tools API test server. Initiating use of the USPS Web Tools production server for API calls for a publicly accessible web site and remain in active production use of the USPS APIs for at least 4 consecutive weeks. Verification of use will be required, along with further documentation if questions regarding usage remain.


4. Request to be Listed

Email the USPS Web Tools program office at in order to begin the official listing process. In this email please indicate the specific USPS Web Tools your company supports. Be sure to tell us your USPS Web Tools username and the company name under which you’ve registered.


5. Get Verified and Approved

We will verify registration and use of USPS Web Tools. Upon satisfaction of all criteria, your company will be listed as a service provider.

List of Approved Service Integrators